Why Choose Team Ali’i and the BikeFit System for Your Bike Fit?

Coach Mike Kyle is a Level-1 certified BikeFit bike fitter and has been doing bike fits for triathletes and cyclists since 2006.  The BikeFit fitting system is the second oldest in the world, and was the first to incorporate the front view, and the first system based on angles and alignment rather than just using a formula, the basis for all software/vision bike fitting systems today.  Unlike many fitters that take static measurements to determine your fit, Coach Mike uses dynamic video and power analysis pre and post fit to ensure the best fit possible.  Coach Mike uses his knowledge of physical therapy, injury prevention, anatomy, physiology and kinesiology to create a fit that ensures the best balance of comfort, efficiency and safety.

You’ve chosen Team Ali’i and BikeFit–what’s next

Feet Seat and Hand bike contact pointsIt’s important to first understand the difference between bike sizing and a bike fit. If you’re purchasing a new bike, remember that bike sizing is done to determine the correct bike frame size.  Bike fitting, on the other hand, alters the bike to fit the cyclist’s unique body architecture to maximize efficiency.  Bike sizing and bike fitting can – and sometimes should – go hand in hand.  We have fit some cyclists to their recently purchased bikes only to learn the frame size is too large or small, which limits the range of adjustments that can be done during a fit.

A Team Ali’i BikeFit bike fitting uses a multidimensional approach that looks at every aspect of the cyclist and their connection to their bike. During a Team Ali’i BikeFit fit the athlete is asked a series of questions to determine their cycling goals, identify prior injuries, highlight discomfort felt when riding, and other pertinent questions. We then watch the athlete pedal, video the athlete from various angles, measure the athlete both off the bike and on the bike, and continue asking questions about how they feel while he or she is riding.

One area where Coach Mike and the BikeFit system differentiates from other fit systems is our focus on the foot-pedal interface.  We feel that this is absolutely essential for a proper bike fit because of the stress that can be placed on the cyclists lower extremities if this part of the fitting process is eliminated.  For example, a cyclist completing a 100 mile ride (“a century”) will have rotated the pedals an average of 54,000 times, and their legs/feet are clearly doing a lot of work. In our emphasis on the foot/pedal connection, we cover fore/aft, side-to-side, tilt/angle, and rotation of the cleats so that you legs and knees will track correctly for comfortable, efficient, injury free riding.

            Foot with forefoot inward angulation (AKA varus) must press down to meet the pedal, thus causing the chain reaction shown.
Lower leg rotates inward, causing the Knee to move in towards the bike frame, in the pedaling downstroke.
RESULT: A repetitive side-to-side movement of the knee.
            The knee follows a near vertical path, reducing knee strain and potential for injury.
RESULT: A neutral foot position throughout the pedaling rotation.
            The pressure point (aka “hot spot”) created between the foot & pedal.  
            The pressure point created between the foot & pedal.

Every bike fit includes

  • Dynamic bike fitting and biomechanical analysis with a licensed medical and bike fit professional
  • Optimized bike fit geometry to meet YOUR musculoskeletal issues and goals
  • Computerized pedal stroke analysis
  • Pre and post fit power analysis
  • Bike and body measurements and analysis
  • Your bike fit geometry specification sheet to bring home
  • A complete explanation of the changes that were made and why these changes are correct for you

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