Lactate Threshold Test

Your Team Ali’i training plan is designed to get you to the finish line, in the best state of preparedness possible, and to that end, each of your Team Ali’i workouts is designed to elicit a specific physiological response from your body.  In order to elicit the desired response, we use “training zones” to keep you training at the proper intensity level.  Your training zones are specific to you, and are determined from results of a Lactate Threshold (“LT”) Test.

Throughout the day, your body continuously produces lactic acid. This lactic acid is converted to blood lactate, and is used in conjunction with your bodies energy systems to produce energy.  Typically, your blood lactate levels are low, and your body is able to process the lactate.  However, as your intensity increases, such as during exercise, your blood lactate levels increase as well.  Your body must clear the lactate from the blood and working muscles and process it back to useable fuels.  Lactate threshold is the point at which production is greater than the clearing process, and higher levels of blood lactate start to accumulate in the muscles. Lactate threshold can be determined through lactate threshold testing, verified within your training program, and used to make you stronger and faster.

Your LT test consists of a short session on your bike and our CompuTrainer.  After a brief warm-up, we will do a power analysis of your pedal stroke, showing you your power output and pedaling efficiency throughout the pedal stroke for each leg.  The actual LT test follows, and generally is over within 20-30 minutes.  This test is very intense, so for best results, you should be well rested before taking the test.

Take your training to new heights!

Cycling LT Test Includes

  • Non-Invasive Lactate threshold test on your bike
  • Power analysis
  • Post test Training Zones for bike and run**

* Included with your training plan registration fee.

** Run results estimated from bike LT data.  In most cases, these results are accurate and a separate run test is not necessary.

What you will need:

  • Your bike
  • Bike shoes
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Bike workout clothing

Cycling/Run Lactate Threshold Test – $100*

Run LT Test Includes

  • Non-Invasive Lactate threshold test at a track
  • Post test Training Zones for run

Running Lactate Threshold Test – $75

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